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[Update 2015.Jul] Move to new server... many pages are currently broken.

[Update 2011.Feb] My gaming domain pages are very out of date.
The content refers to my time in Nottingham, the navigation bars are in my old style that will be replaced, along with a complete re-write and re-structure of the domain.
This work will be carried out over the year, please be patient if sections of this domain are unavailable.


This is my personal site dedicated to all things gaming related, in particular the games I run/play at the Univerity of Nottingham's RPG Society.

The site is divided into subdomains for group: Tabletop, Boardgame and Roleplay. Further, each gaming system has it's own subdomain as well.

The Menu Bar (top and bottom of the page) also gives direct access to WikiGaming, a now defunct project to provide a wiki for the society. It's main use was to run my Full Thrust Campaign (FTCamp v0.1). Also there is a link to the University of Nottingham (UK) RPG Soc's Website and finally to my Gateway between all my websites.


If you would like to contact me about gaming, please email me at:
(obviously, the real address is obscured to stop bots)


Open War 9

An event run by the 1st Company Veterans, the gaming group at Games Workshop HQ - Warhammer World. I won't give details of the event, see their own Events page.

A team will be attending from UoN RPGSoc, in OW5 our team came in last, so there is only room for improvement. Naturally I will be attending the EpicA part of the event - though we'll be entering roughly equal numbers into all 3 main parts.

Membership of UoN RPGSoc

Only Students and affiliates of the Univerity of Nottingham can be memebrs of the Society directly - sign up at Freshers Fair or at any meeting during the year.

Ex-Students and external people can become affiliates of the University (see RPGSoc site for details of the application procedure).

Some events may be open to other groups, however most weekly meetings are not. Do not email me asking to enter events.

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